We support you in your house hunt - professionally, linguistically, and organisationally.

Especially in Italy, it is not easy to find the right house. Sometimes there is only rudimentary information about a property, sometimes people only speak Italian, sometimes e-mails are not answered. We all know this. So take advantage of our more than 15 years of market knowledge and our personal contacts with notaries, authorities, and architects. We will provide you with all the relevant information on a property, prepare an informal initial analysis and visit the house of your dreams for you or with you. To optimise your search, we prepare a requirements profile in advance and together with you, which addresses your wishes in detail and thus accelerates the search. From the initial contact with the vendor to the procurement of relevant documents, initial analysis of the property, and property inspections, we offer you a wide range of advice and services, which we put together individually for you according to your wishes. 

Contact us at +49-173 37 50 200 or by email at mail@lacasaliguria.com

We support you in your house search - professionally, linguistically, and organisationally!

We offer the following services to support you in every phase of your house search and selection:

  • Joint preparation of a detailed requirements profile according to your ideas.
  • Regular exchange of information on suitable properties that we or you have found.
  • Procurement of all documents and land register extracts important for your decision.
  • Establishing contact with the Italian-speaking vendor.
  • Initial analysis of the location and structure based on the documents, photos and land registry documents provided to us.
  • Evaluation of the realistic market price of the property.
  • Virtual inspection of the property with regard to official and building regulations. 
  • We visit your dream property for you if you cannot arrange it in terms of time. We connect you via video or Whatsapp and show you virtually the house and property, driveway, view, and neighbourhood. Furthermore, we take this opportunity to check the property for structural damage, dampness, or other abnormalities.
  • Alternatively, we can accompany you on an inspection of a property and clarify the location, house, and property as well as any anomalies with you on-site.
  • If you like a house and would like to purchase it, we will check the property thoroughly and analyse all important aspects in order to secure your investment in the long term. You can find more details HERE.

With more than 15 years of experience, we are on your side. Free initial consultation on +49-173 37 50 200 or via video appointment on Zoom. 

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