The Most Amazing Halloween in Liguria

Are you in search of a memorable Halloween celebration? Could there be a more perfect setting than the "village of witches" in Triora to embrace the enigmatic essence of this fun and spooky celebration?

The ancient village of Triora is nestled in the heights of Imperia, in the Ligurian Alps Park, dating back to the Roman era, it gained its famous nickname due to the substantial prevalence of witchcraft trials during the late 1500s. Every year, Triora commemorates Halloween with enthusiasm, hosting a diverse array of activities including thrilling rituals, immersive workshops, and captivating fire and magic performances spanning across a two-day period.


This Halloween the two day festivities in Triora will unfold on the 31st of October and 1st of November 2023. Delight in the presence of ghosts, pumpkins, and witches, in the most exciting celebration of the year, featuring a Halloween market, engaging children's workshops, enchanting magic shows, an exclusive haunted tour, costume parades, mystical ceremonies, and markets filled with traditional products, masks, cauldrons, and magic wands.


You can find the full program in the following link: www.comune.triora.im.it/Home/DettaglioNews?IDNews=242429.