Labor day

Labor Day, also known as "Festa del Lavoro" in Italy, is a national holiday celebrated on May 1st. The day has a historical significance rooted in the labor movement that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The movement aimed to improve working conditions and fair wages for workers and gained momentum throughout Europe. In Italy, the movement was led by socialist and communist parties, which organized protests and strikes to demand better rights for workers. Today, Labor Day in Italy is a public holiday and is marked with various events and activities organized by labor unions and political parties.


One of the most notable events takes place on Labor Day in Italy is the traditional May Day concert in Rome, organized by the Italian Confederation of Workers Unions (CISL). This year, the concert features a star-studded lineup of popular Italian singers and bands, including:

  • Aurora
  • Ariete
  • Aiello
  • Alfa
  • Baustelle
  • bnkr44
  • Coma_Cose
  • Carl Brave
  • Francesco Gabbani
  • Fulminaci
  • Gaia
  • Il Tre
  • Lazza
  • Levante
  • Mr. Rain
  • Matteo Paolillo
  • Mara State
  • Piero Pelu con Alborosie
  • Rocco Hunt
  • Rose Villain
  • Tananai

The concert attracts thousands of people every year and is a significant occasion for workers to come together and celebrate their achievements.


In addition to the May Day concert, giving lilies of the valley as a gift is a tradition associated with Labor Day in Italy.

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